About your Premier Placement Interview and interview tips

you premier placement interview
A guide to your Premier Placement Interview: information and tips.

About your Premier Placement interview

Your Premier Placement interview will take place between Monday to Friday and will be conducted via a video link. Prior to the interview you will be sent a link to an online registration form. Once you have completed the online application form and uploaded your Right to Work documentation, and any further qualifications and licences relevant to the role, one of our Resourcing Consultants will go through your application to ensure it has been completed in full and all the relevant documentation has been uploaded correctly. 

Once this process has been completed, one of our Resourcing Consultants will arrange a time to conduct a video interview. This will be conducted between the hours of 8.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

What do I need to complete the online application?

You must have the following information ready to complete the on-line registration. If you don’t have these to hand the application can’t be completed.

  • Form of identification – a current passport or a share code.
  • If you have an out-of-date passport or a birth certificate, we will need to see an original copy. This can be posted to us, or you can bring the original copy into the office for us to validate. Photocopies will NOT be accepted.
  • If you have a birth certificate this must be accompanied with either a P45, P60, National Insurance Card or a letter from a government agency. No other form of identification is valid.
  • National Insurance number (temporary numbers are not accepted).
  • Full bank details.
  • Email address.
  • Student ID where applicable.

The online interview

Once your application has been checked and processed by one of our consultants you will be invited via a video interview to discuss your application and the role you applied for.  This will take approximately 20 minutes.  The consultant will go through your personal details to ensure everything is correct then we will discuss your previous work history.  We will want to know if you enjoyed a particular role, your likes/dislikes, did the hours of work suit, the location.  We will discuss your duties and responsibilities of your previous work in more detail.  Our job is to match you and your skills to a job role.  You may want to ask us questions about a particular role.  Remember the more information we have the easier it is to find you your next position. During the interview we will discuss how the agency works, discuss pay rates and when and how you get paid, how holiday pay accrual works and how to book time off.  We will discuss pensions and any other statutory rights you have as an employee.   

What happens after my Premier Placement interview?

Once your interview has been completed, we will then obtain references for you, and any licences will be fully checked and approved.  Once this has been completed you are made available for work. Vacancies arrive daily and once your application has been processed you could find yourself working the very next day. Our consultants have a huge database of information regarding jobs, and we even canvass your details to other potential clients on your behalf.

A consultant will telephone you immediately when a position becomes vacant.  Stay in touch with us, we don’t mind a phone call to discuss any advertised jobs we have.  We are here to help.

Top 10 Premier Placement Interview Tips

Here are our top 10 tips on how to succeed at interview:

  1. Prepare for your interview: as this is an online interview, ensure there are no distractions, and you are in a suitable environment.
  2. Remember first impressions do matter, so be mindful of appropriate presentation.
  3. Be prompt, ensure you are ready to take our video call. Be ready 5 minutes beforehand. Inform us of any delays.
  4. Remember to be free of any distractions that could disrupt the interview.
  5. Expect some general interview questions such as what your strengths and weaknesses are and how you overcome challenges.
  6. Prepare some examples relating to your application, like any previous job situations you can use to expand on some of your interview answers.
  7. It may be appropriate that we ask you some skill-based questions so come prepared.
  8. Have some good examples of previous job roles that you did well in.
  9. Prepare some examples of how you communicate with others and how you work as an individual, as well as part of a team.
  10. Prepare some questions that you may want to ask the interviewer.

Remember to relax and be yourself. We are here to help and get the best outcome for you. If there is something you don’t understand, let us know so we can explain more. Our ultimate goal is to understand your skills and what type of role we can match you to, for your success as well as that of our client.

For more interview tips, click on the following government website link on how to prepare for an interview; please click here.

Furthermore, the STAR method is a really good way to help you succeed at interview. This method helps you to prepare your interview answers, so you think about the situation you were in, the task you had to do, the action you took and the result that occurred. To learn more about the STAR method, please click here.

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Chloe Jackson, Recruitment Consultant

Chloe joined Premier Placement in 2022, following a previous role as a customer facing advisor. During her initial probationary period, her willingness to learn and absorb all things recruitment was very impressive, along with her ‘can do’ attitude. Chloe now works alongside experienced consultants within our industrial division and is developing into a team asset.

Chosen Value: Integrity
I would choose ‘integrity’ as it is important to show we can build trust with our clients and employees, creating lifelong relationships. It shows we possess attributes such as accountability, honesty, respect, and loyalty.


Daniel Ledwards, Industrial Consultant

Daniel joined Premier Placement Services in October 2018 as a Trainee Consultant.  After an initial 3-month probation, he impressed everyone with his enthusiasm, attention to detail and professionalism. This led him to be fast tracked into a career within the recruitment industry which he has excelled at ever since.

Chosen Value: Consistency
I like to think I’m consistently honest with both our temps and clients, consistently aiming to place the best quality temps within roles that match their skills and capabilities. I believe in our company mantra “You’re only as good as your last temp!”


John Simpson, Driving & Logistics Consultant

John joined the Drivers and Logistics Division with a wealth of experience  spanning over 30 years within the transport and logistics sector. Holding a National CPC in Road Transport Management, IOSH and Nebosh health and safety qualifications, his range of skills was a perfect match for Premier Placement Services.

John has an excellent rapport with our drivers. John’s skills, experience and knowledge enables him to put forward the best candidate for the role, and has excellent knowledge of driver compliance training, audits, and the investigation of incidents and infringements.

Working within the fast-paced Drivers and Logistics Division, he is a very hands-on transport professional.  Ensuring compliance and best practice is always adhered to, has propelled Premier Placement’s Drivers and Logistics Division, into a leading supplier of quality drivers resulting in an excellent reputation with our ever-growing number of clients.

Chosen Value: Professionalism
I pride myself on the requirements and responsibilities that my role in recruitment asks of me. Professionalism is at the heart of what I do, from understanding the roles to be filled, to the necessary skills of the right driver, as well as an appreciation of the client’s ethos. Professionalism means to me ensuring the drivers we provide consistently deliver to our high standards of expectation, shift after shift.

Liz Harper, Accounts Administrator

Liz has been the face of Premier Placement Services since 2006 – providing front of house support for the team and visitors to the office. Liz works in a fast-paced environment fielding calls, meeting and greeting, preparing candidates for interviews and keeping client records updated.

Chosen Value: Consistency
“Working within the payroll department I ensure all workers’ details are correctly inputted into government and internal payroll systems.  Eye to detail and a zero tolerance on mistakes ensures people get paid correctly and on time.  I believe I consistently produce these results.”

Anna Hammersley, Accounts Payroll Clerk

Anna joined Premier Placement Services as a Payroll Clerk.  She is responsible for the payroll processing system, issuing pay and pay-related information to workers, collecting weekly timekeeping data, ensuring all weekly paid staff receive accurate and timely payments.

Anna has an excellent ‘can do’ attitude, an eye for detail and a bubbly personality to match making her the perfect Premier Placement fit.

Chosen Value: Integrity
I believe that being honest and having strong moral principles promotes open and honest relationships in business and life building foundations of trust.

Steven Bowler, Driving Consultant

Steven joined Premier Placement from after 24 years within mobile phone retail. The experience of having recruited staff throughout his career and looking after high-volume accounts for national companies, made his transferrable skills into the recruitment industry a total asset. Steven has a passion for customer excellence to succeed in a fast- paced industrial operation so he exceeds expectation.

Chosen Value: Consistency
‘Having run my own business for over 20 years, I would like to think I have carried forward the high standards that clients and candidates need from a company. I treat the business as if it was my own and always want what’s best for the business and like to think I represent the company in an approachable and professional manner.”

Simon Arnold, Driving & Logistics Division Manager

Simon has been with Premier Placement Services since 2016 and within this time has proved to be an integral part of the team by ensuring only the area’s best drivers are sourced and placed with our clients. Simon’s wealth of expertise within this sector, coupled with his “can do” attitude, which is key in this fast-moving recruitment sector, makes him a key asset to Premier Placement Services. Under Simon’s guidance, clients understand and acknowledge his value when it comes to placing fully compliant professional drivers within this heavily regulated industry.

Chosen Value: Integrity
Integrity is my pick as I think it is one of my greatest assets and it never fails. It is the most important ingredient for client relationships which I am passionate about and all my clients know what they get with me… trusted recruitment!

Craig Hammersley, Industrial Division Manager, Newcastle

Craig is a very experienced recruitment professional having worked in the recruitment industry with Premier Placement Services for more than 20 years. Matching the right candidate to the right job is his everyday obsession, something very few recruiters get consistently right.  Craig stated the importance of detailed interviewing, character assessment, skills testing and candidate referencing which makes clients and candidates choose Premier Placement Services over other agencies, time after time.

Chosen Value: Integrity
We pride ourselves on being honest and honourable, with everyone we do business with, leading to lasting relationships and unfaltering results. Building trust is a key component to lasting business relationships and is a major factor of continuing dialogue with clients who give us repeat business based on the integrity of who they are dealing with.

Tim Evans, Crewe Industrial Division Manager

Tim joined Premier Placement in 2003, having previously worked in a heavily regulated customer services managerial role, thus proving an instant hit with both clients and candidates alike.

Trained to the highest standards within recruitment practise, Tim is a valuable asset to the success of Premier Placement Services. Now managing our industrial division, he mentors new recruits, and his clients welcome his advice along with his intuitive recruitment solutions.

Chosen Value: Professionalism.
I have been here 2 decades and always work to get the best fit for both client, temp and Premier Placement Services.

Jo Jeneson, Accounts Manager

Jo joined Premier Placement Services in 2008, initially as a Commercial Consultant. She’s now moved behind the scenes into her current role where she is responsible for both the payroll and accounting functions of the business. By gaining a full understanding of all aspects of the business she is perfectly placed to ensure the clients’ accounting process runs as smoothly as their recruitment programme.

Chosen value: Integrity.
I pride myself on my honesty and truthfulness in my work process.  Working within our Accounts Department, it is imperative to be honest and transparent, whilst maintaining high standards and results. I feel honesty is crucial in both our business and personal life.

Russell Lunn, Sales Director

Russell joined Premier Placement in 2017, having been in the recruitment industry for several years.  Working previously in manufacturing, transport and distribution as a senior manager, part of his responsibility was to deal with staffing requirements and rely heavily on the services of a recruitment agency. Russell stated that he learned how recruitment should be done at Premier Placement Services, from ongoing compliance to placing only the right people into roles. Russell stated that customers have been with Premier Placement Services since it’s inception and that’s testament to the service offerings it provides. Now, meeting key decision makers within organisations as Operations Director, he is proud that the company’s core values lead to exceeding customers’ expectations.

Chosen Value: Integrity
All 3 core values are a must for what we are trying to achieve at PPS but if I had to pick one, integrity stands out for me. The reason for my choice is that I think if you are straight up, honest and honourable, then I feel customers first and foremost appreciate that integrity , then in turn they begin to gain trust which leads to longer term partnerships.

Building that rapport/relationship then cements you as the go-to company for recruitment and advice. Having Integrity is a key value that people respect and feel comfortable with.

Jonathon Harper

Just short of 30 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, Managing Director Jonathan puts customer service excellence at the heart of everything that Premier Placement Services does. Since founding the business in 1996, his ethos has always been to ‘place the right person for the job’ rather than just placing ‘anyone that happens to be available’. He firmly believes that this is the key to the success of the business. ‘We are only as good as our last placement’ are the words that Jonathan believes sets the company apart from others. His approach to providing unrivalled customer service, support, supplying the most talented candidates for each position and developing on-going relationships with both candidates and clients remain the core values to the business.


Chosen Value: Integrity
Integrity involves being honest and honourable, as well as treating people with respect. I believe if you naturally do this then it builds mutual trust and genuine, lasting relationships. This has been my experience with my team, two employees have been with me for 20 years, when other agencies have staff retention issues. Similarly, some of our clients have been with Premier Placement since our beginning, I think this demonstrates why integrity has been fundamental to our success.