On 25 May 2018 all businesses must be ready to comply with new EU General Data Protection Rules which are designed to safeguard your personal details more effectively and efficiently. With heavy fines threatened, it is essential that all businesses have put the right measures in place to be compliant. Here at Premier Placement Services you can be assured that our staff are fully trained in the new regulations and will ensure your personal information is always secure as part of our service commitment to you.

What do the new data protection rights mean for employees? Premier Placement Services May candidate blog

However, as an employee here’s our quick guide to what these new regulations mean for you:

It’s your decision

Employers must ask you for the right to use your data and explain how that data will be used and if it will be passed to any third parties. Records of when consent was agreed must be filed on record as evidence and as an employee you can withdraw your consent at any time. This consent form must be easily accessible and presented to you in a clear language.

Know your rights

Under this act employees have increased privacy rights and businesses which fail to comply can receive heavy fines. These include:

  • Stay informed – employees should be have clear communication from their employer of any changes made to their data and they should also be able to access it any time. Your employer should make it clear how you can gain access to it should you wish.
  • The right to be forgotten – employees can request to have their data deleted if the data is no longer necessary for the request it was collected for (for example, you no longer work for that company). Your employer should make it clear how you can do this and what the process will be.
  • Withdraw consent – employees can request to have their data deleted if they withdraw their consent or there is no legal right for that business to be in possession of their data.
  • Know where it is – it should be clear where your employee data will be stored, whether this is onsite or elsewhere. If you want your data amending, this is something usually your HR department or line manager would do, but again, this should be made clear to you.

Know your responsibilities as well

As an employee it is also part of your responsibility to let your employer know if you think there has been a data breach as soon as possible. Usually this would be done via your line manager or the company data protection officer. A breach can be anything from sending an email containing personal data to the wrong recipient to having a work laptop stolen.

Why Premier Placement Services?

We are fully trained in the new regulations and are always happy to help you as one of our temporary workers with any concerns or questions you may have about these new regulations or issues with your placement employer.

Signing up as a temporary worker with Premier Placement Services gives you reassurance that our systems are secure and your personal details are safe, while delivering a professional support service to you in your employment. We handle your data with sensitivity so you don’t have to worry!

For more information about the new GDPR regulations visit the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) website ico.org.uk, and to speak to one of our experienced recruitment consultants call our Newcastle office on 01782 717007 or our Crewe office on 01270 444900.