Looking for a new job? Long gone are the days when the midnight oil would be burned pouring over a Curriculum Vitae, updating here and flourishing there and then the job’s done. Although the C.V. remains an essential document and introduction to your background, skills and experience, the formidable rise of social media networks mean that any future job prospect should never underestimate the power of their social profile.

According to a recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) some 65% of employers have made hires using social media sites. When it comes to talent acquisition, recruitment and screening employers will use every tool available to determine those frontrunners so your social media profiles are a powerful tool for self-promotion. If not perfectly preened and used responsibly they can almost certainly work against you and potentially impact severely on your chances of future employment.

Here we offer up some of the ‘dos and don’ts’ when prepping your social media profiles ahead of a jobsearch:

Professional profiles

Sites like LinkedIn are great for showcasing a huge amount of professional information, highlighting your skills and experience and portfolio examples as well as skills endorsements and recommendations from fellow colleagues and ex-employers. Ensure your profile is updated regularly and that it’s complete, relevant and loaded. This will create a good impression to any future employer as well as keeping you visible in searches and news feeds.

As a professional network LinkedIn content is shared far less than on Facebook or Twitter. However, if there is any past activity which you may not want a future employer to see now’s the time to hit ‘delete’.

Don’t hide

Don’t be tempted to hide your social profiles as the majority of recruiters rely on such social profiles to help them find qualified candidates for available opportunities. Infact, many are less likely to call a candidate back in for an interview if they don’t have a social media presence.

Tidy up your profile pics

Remember to always keep it professional. Remove any photos across all social media profiles which might be deemed as inappropriate or questionable. Also, remember where those embarrassing pictures that your friend tagged you in were and click ‘untag’.  Tighten your privacy settings on your personal Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep unwanted eyes from the photos you intend to keep.

Tips before you publish

It’s great to post comments ‘of the moment’. However, pause and think about your future content and ‘shares’ and how they might reflect on you.  On Facebook, any comments should stay positive and convey a well-rounded personality, with attention to impeccable grammar and communication skills. Make a passion for your profession clear and highlight any of your achievements and awards.

On Twitter engage with industry experts by following them and interacting with their posts. Share industry news and hashtags and post company blogs and press releases.

LinkedIn provides a prime opportunity to get your professional mind-set in front of potential employers, allowing for long-form content which can emphasise your creativity and management outlook. Join and engage with relevant industry groups and interact daily with work colleagues or professional associates old and new, congratulating them on new appointments, work anniversaries or endorsing them for their skills.

When pruning your social profiles eliminate these RED FLAG RISKS which are guaranteed turn offs for any potential employer:

  • Negative comments about a past job or employer
  • Discriminatory remarks
  • Bad spelling and grammar
  • Content centred on unlawful lifestyles
  • Inappropriate photos

Premier Placement Services can advise on how to optimize your portfolio, C.V. and social media profiles. To find out more and what job opportunities may be available to you call our Newcastle-Under-Lyme office on 01782 717007 or our Crewe office on 01270 444900.