When hiring an agency worker, one of the most neglected aspects is onboarding – the process of integrating a new employee into your business. According to a report by HROnboard, an HR consultancy firm, businesses spend approximately £200 to onboard a new recruit to employee level, in addition to their normal recruitment expenses.

Why is it important?

Onboarding is more than just training, it’s about making the role personal. It’s important for new employees, whether they are agency workers or permanent members of staff, to feel happy, confident and supported in their role to ensure greater productivity and trust in your organisation.

Onboarding new employees

Onboarding with Premier Placement Services

According to CareerBuilder, an online employment website, 41% of employers believe the lack of a structured onboarding process has had a negative impact on their company.  At Premier Placement Services we begin the onboarding process for you before our agency workers even walk through your door. Our temps go through a thorough interview process while our consultants take the time to get to know your business inside out to ensure that candidate is the best fit for your role and organisation.  Our complete contract management option means we carry out the onboarding process for you, from taking our temps on a site induction at your facility, to training them in your company health and safety and staff policies.

Onboarding new employees

Top tips to help you onboard new starters:

  • Creating a workforce engagement strategy: make sure all your employees understand the purpose and aims of your organisation, ask them to complete engagement surveys along with front line staff and create an action plan from those responses to build job satisfaction and ensure staff retention.
  • Build employee respect: ensure senior management show appreciation for temporary workers and the work they do and the rest of your organisation will treat them the same, which will help with their integration into your team.
  • Check Social Media: it’s important to keep you finger on the pulse of your organisation and team morale by regularly checking for comments or reviews on social media and employer rating sites, then swiftly rectifying any concerns your workers may have.

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