Running your business efficiently relies on having the right people in place. But deciding whether you need to employ someone on a temporary or permanent basis can be a difficult decision.


Here’s our guide to the advantages of hiring both temporary and permanent staff to help you decide.

Advantages of hiring temporary staff:

  • Temporary workers are used to working in companies for short periods of time. This means they can make an immediate impact on your business.
  • Temporary workers can offer a cost-effective solution for your business. You don’t have to worry about a fixed annual salary or some of the other costs associated with a permanent employee.
  • Hiring temporary staff is usually quicker than hiring permanent staff – you’re looking to hire someone to fulfil a specific role/carry out a specific task for a set period of time, you’re not looking for someone to necessarily fit with your company culture.
  • Ready-made, skilled workers. Temporary workers usually have specific skills and are very used to working on technical/niche projects.
  • Temporary workers offer you a really flexible solution – you can fill vacancies or hire employees for specific tasks as and when they occur.
  • You may get some useful insights/ideas for your business. Temporary workers can give you a new perspective on your business and how it operates – they may even have some ideas from previous placements that would work well for you. And the more temps you hire, the more views you’ll get!

Do I need someone temporary or someone more permanent?

Advantages for hiring permanent staff:

  • You will be selecting from a wider range of possible candidates – in fact, everyone that’s actively or even passively looking for a job.
  • Permanent employees develop a greater sense of loyalty to your company based on having more job security due to the permanent nature of their employment.
  • Permanent workers can help your business to grow as they will become better at their jobs over time once they are familiar with your systems and processes.
  • Any investment in training a permanent member of staff is rewarded with an employee that will be working for you for a long time rather than leaving once their temporary post is up.
  • You can use permanent employees to help train new members of your team. This will help to keep your business running smoothly rather than having to start from scratch with new team members each time you have a new project.

Ultimately, the best way to choose whether or not you hire a temporary worker, or a permanent member of staff depends on your companies’ needs. Try to decide if the work is project based and needs employees with a specific skill set for a short or fixed period of time. Or, if you think an employee will operate more efficiently and effectively knowing they have the security of a permanent contract, this could be your best option.

Whatever you decide – temporary or permanent staff – Premier Placement Services can offer you reliable, dedicated and hard-working candidates to fill your vacancy. Get in touch with our team to discuss your needs and see how we can help. We can often have someone with you within an hour!