When you start a new job you’re more than likely feeling a mix of nerves and excitement. Making the right first impression instantly will put you in good stead, not just with your employer but with your colleagues too.

How to make a lasting impression on your first day

By putting in the work you’ll set a precedence which if you’re on probation is a great starting point and if you’re a temp, it could put you in the running for a permanent position.

So here are some tips to make sure you’re memorable for all the right reasons on your first day.


This is key, you can’t start a new job without showing some enthusiasm for the work and the company. If you come with an attitude it gives the impression that you just want a job to pay the bills, your employer will not be impressed and will lose confidence in your ability to perform to a high standard.

Those who enjoy their job and have passion for it naturally will do better and the work will be of a higher quality.


Dressing smart shouldn’t be reserved just for the interview. If you turn up on your first day looking scruffy, it’s not going to give off the best impression. It’s good to get an idea of the dress code before you start at a new place, so you know whether you need to dress in office smart attire or if it’s more casual. Even if it’s casual, opt for smart casual to make sure you present the best you on your first day. Getting there on time (or even a little bit early) is also a great way to present yourself as a dedicated, reliable employee.


It might sound obvious to some people, but it isn’t to others. Bring stationery with you. Although most places will provide this, it means you can get straight on with work while other resources are being arranged for you. You will look prepared giving your employer a good sense of your work ethic. Make sure you bring anything you think you would need for a day at work and don’t just expect your employer to hand everything to you.


During your induction, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you miss the opportunity because you’re trying to come across as competent it could come back to bite you. No one falls into a job without having to learn how a new company works, sometimes they may use a system you don’t know well and their processes can be different. This isn’t a problem, just be honest. Your new employer will appreciate you addressing these issues early on so training can begin and less time is wasted in the long run. This time has been set aside to help you settle in so make the most of it.

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