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Candidate FAQs

Can you help with transport to my place of work?

In some instances we do provide transport to and from industrial clients via our own fleet of mini-buses which are driven by professional drivers.

I don’t have a Hi-Viz vest or any working boots, do you provide these?

Yes, we can provide Personal Protective Equipment if required.

How do I apply for holiday pay?

If and when you want to take a holiday you should pop into the office to complete a holiday form or you can download one from the website. Once you’ve handed your holiday form in we will check it for you.

What is my entitlement of paid holidays?

Our holiday year runs from 1 January of each year and ends on 31 December. No holidays can be carried forward into the next year and holidays not taken will be lost. It is your responsibility to ensure your accrued holidays are taken. Please note: holiday pay is only applied when holidays are taken. You cannot claim holiday pay whilst working on any assignment.

Your entitlement is 28 days for a complete holiday year, (5.6 weeks) including Bank Holidays. If you start to work for us part way through a holiday year, your entitlement will be accrued on a pro rata basis. Therefore, holiday pay for anyone starting to work part way through a year is calculated at approximately 0.538 days per week, or 2.33 days per calendar month.

What should I do if I feel I’ve been paid wrongly?

Your query will be dealt with swiftly and any agreed adjustments will be made in your following week’s wage.

How do I get paid?

Your weekly wage goes directly into the bank account given to us when you registered. Your wages will go into your bank account, weekly, every Friday. You must tell us immediately about any changes to your bank or personal details such as address, name of bank, account name or number etc.

What happens if I’m unable to come to work due to sickness or a personal issue?

Our policy is exceptionally strict in this area, so if you don’t tell us about your absence we will not offer you any further work. We operate a 24-hour answering service (01782 717007). Therefore we expect you to leave a message before your shift start time detailing the problem. We can then inform our client. We also encourage you to call us later in the day to let us know when you will be returning back to work.

If I am working for another company or Premier Placement Services on a temporary basis but would like to move to a permanent role, what should I do?

If you are working for another company, please register with us to start the recruitment process.

If you are already working for us and wish to be considered for a permanent position, please let us know and we will work with you to look for a permanent role.

What do I do if I don’t like the job I am given?

Firstly, don’t walk off the assignment! Give the position some time. Every effort will be made to match your skills to the job, plus we will give you a full brief on the position before you accept it.  If the job is still not suitable, you must call us as soon as possible – preferably at break time or your lunchtime – and discuss your areas of concern.

I work as a driver, do I need to hand a timesheet in?

All drivers working on behalf of Premier Placement Services need to ensure a driver’s working-time timesheet is completed and handed into our offices every Monday morning before 8am, accompanied with the relevant tachograph charts.

Tachograph charts or digital printouts for 28 days must be kept in the possession of a driver at all times, these should include your current working week. Once you are in receipt of five weeks’ worth of tachograph charts and/or digital printouts you must call into our offices and hand over your first week’s tachograph charts. You must do this on a continuous weekly basis.  Failure to follow the directive relating to the Working Time Regulations will result in your details being passed to VOSA and no future work will be offered to you.

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